Coral ocean life

War under the waves and it’s brutal consequence.

    Wonderful weather in the tropics with the sun high in the blue sky accompanied by fluffy white clouds. The sky color being transposd to the surface of calm seas. Sink below the rippling waves and be encased by a realm of water. Going down, quiet and serene, through a void of small specks reflecting sun
micro algae in the aquarium

Marine Macro algae reef benefits

All Marine algae use up nitrogen as food for growth. Ammonia is the likely form used, due to it’s availability to come first from decomposing organic matter. Nitrite and Nitrate[last] are also utilized, thus bringing nitrogen compounds lower in the water composition. Marine macro algae is large and ornamental, much easier to

Mountains to Sea

Greetings from Paul DuBay of Mountains to Sea. I am pleased to welcome all people to learning about plants, animals, and the ecosystems critical for well-being. It started as a mistake Before I was aware they were more than things; plants and animals were purchased on impulse. After some brief moments of

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